A Little About Me

Hi y’all! For my first post I thought I’d introduce myself. 🙂 First I’m the Krista half of this little endeavor into blogging. Lynn will be along soon I’m sure 😉
I grew up in Massachusetts but have lived most of my adult life in Illinois. I MISS the water (and no the rivers don’t count). I miss standing on the beach and looking at nothing but blue, the delicious salty smell, and even the annoying itch after swimming that the ocean is. Don’t misunderstand me if I didn’t live the life I’ve lived I wouldn’t have what I have and I wouldn’t trade them for all the water in the ocean! What I have is two smart, funny, healthy kids; a boyfriend that I love; and my own little zoo (3 dogs [puppies actually],3 cats, a bearded dragon, and my roommate’s parrot). Yes my house is crazy and I love it!
So I’ll start with that. 🙂

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