Moms Potato Salad

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I don’t know about you, but I cannot wait for spring and cookouts and bonfires and family gatherings and, WARM WEATHER!!!!  I have never been a fan of potato salad mainly because I don’t like mustard.  I know, I know, I must be insane.  Still, it is just gross to me.  Recently we ended up with far to many potato’s and eggs.  Mom decided she would make a potato salad.  Shocking enough I like it(of course she doesn’t use mustard!).  This is such a basic recipe, but something about it just tastes so good.  So if you have a picky no mustard eating family member, this is for you!


6-7 potato’s

6-7 eggs

1 medium onion

green olives


Helmans Mayonnaise

Cut potato’s into small pieces and boil with  eggs.  Slice onion into very thin pieces and add to the boiling water.  Salt the water.  Chill eggs and potato’s in the fridge until cool.  Mix eggs and potato’s with Helmans Mayonnaise, reserving a couple eggs if you want to decorate the top.  Slice eggs and olives into pieces and decorate the top if desired.

Of course if you don’t like olives or prefer mustard you can always add or omit as you choose.  The onions boil down to almost nothing and even my super picky fiance doesn’t notice they are in there.  As always please let me know if you like the recipe!  Enjoy!

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