DIY Ice Packs

I know I have mentioned in previous posts that I have a bum hand.  Part of the problem is tendinitis on the side of my hand between the thumb and wrist.  I have been trying many things over the last 2 years, physical therapy, cortisone injections, and even a cast for 2 miserable weeks!  Nothing has worked and now I am looking at surgery to open the sheath around the tendons to give them enough room and hopefully reduce the massive inflammation that has plagued me for 2+ years.  I have used ice packs constantly to try and reduce pain and inflammation and after awhile they tend to get a freezer bunt smell to them that I just don’t want to deal with.  I also do not want to waste money to buy new ones just because they are smelly.  As often as I use them, that is expensive!   Also, my surgery is going to be scheduled in the next week or so, so it seems this would be a good time to have plenty of ice packs on hand.  So on to Pinterest I go to see what can be done.  The most common recipe is as follows.


3 parts water

1 part rubbing alcohol

food coloring (optional)




I just want you to know…I cleaned off my kitchen table for you guys!  I have been trying failing miserably at this goal in my house.  Anyway, I gathered my ingredients and got to work.  I started with 3 cups of cold water (I know it is a little over 3, but it’s a hectic morning here and I choose my battles).  I then added 1 cup of rubbing alcohol.



Then comes the food coloring.  I used the food coloring simply to ensure if there was a leak, I would find it.   I recommend you use the drops and not gel.  It doesn’t dissolve well, but since it is all I had on hand, it was good enough!



After 2 hours I checked my little snack size baggies and found major leaks!  I transferred the smaller baggies into 2 quart size freezer zipper bags, double bagging each one.  

Next up, fill my snack size baggies leaving room for expansion when frozen.




Oh yeah, having a paper-towel on hand is a VERY good idea!  I only spilled a little but it could have been much worse!  Next I just stacked them in quart freezer bags and tossed them in the freezer.  I double bagged just in case one wasn’t totally sealed.  That would not be a mess I would want to clean up!


The next day…..



I have ice packs!  So happy to find this works.  It will be so much cheaper.  Have a great week!



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