I May be Crazy but…..

Ok. So. Here it is.

A good friend of mine talked me into applying for the local elevators union here in the Quad Cities. Actually the local hall is located in Des Moines, IA which is about 3 hours away from me. This is where I’ll have to go to take the test. And interview. And do any other testing/classes that I may need…..

Here are his arguments:

  1. The money I can make
  2. That I am a woman (they need woman and other minorities to fill quotas)
  3. That I have some basic knowledge mechanically
  4. That I have a brain in my head

He apparently thinks I’m fearless…..

Ok. So. I did it….I’ve put in my application with transcripts and complete and total lack of experience. So now I’m sitting here going – OMG! What did I just get myself into?! They want me to take a test?! On that I haven’t done since I was a teenager (have I mentioned I’m 41)!

Ok. So here are some truths about me….

  1. I AM NOT FEARLESS! The whole idea of starting over (yet again) scares me spitless.
  2. Yes I have some basic mechanical knowledge….I at least know what a wrench is lol
  3. A TEST? ON MECHANICAL S***?! OMG! Most of which I’ve never done and/or if I have it’s been 20+ years….. Yes I took my ASVAB and mechanical was my highest scoring section but that was 23 years ago!
  4. Quota? Smota! This just means I have to work harder to prove that I can do it (ok so I can handle that – I’ve been doing that most of my life lol) but it also means that walking in people think less of me.
  5. Lifting 100 pounds – regularly?! Multiple times a day?! I weigh all of 135 pounds…..yep this is gonna hurt lol
  6. I’m scared of heights….

Ok. So. I guess I have some self-teaching to do. I need to bush up on some math…….Off to the library I go….

Random Thoughts

I know that Kiss Treatment was supposed to be about food but unfortunately I don’t have the time or money to post something about food constantly. So I’m going to change it up a bit. I will still post things about food but some posts are simply going to be ‘random thoughts’ that I have at any given time.

For example – with Mother’s Day being just yesterday – I’ve been thinking about my relationships, with my mother and my children. So that’s what I’m going to write about today.

My relationship with my mother has always been…..touchy….I think that’s probably the best word to describe it. I am the middle child and only girl. I know my mother loves me but there have been times that it wasn’t always easy to tell. The problem is that there are many ways that I know I am like my mother and ways that I am completely different. But that is a thought and discussion for another time and date I think. Although perhaps if you take some of my thoughts about my own kids and transfer them to my mom; I think you may understand my conclusions about my own mother.

Now on to my thoughts about my own kids…….

Have you ever been accused of loving or treating one child differently than another? I have many times. And if I am brutally honest with myself – it’s true. I do love my kids differently. That doesn’t mean I love one more or less than the other. They are different people with different needs and wants. There will be different expectations for each throughout their lives and I hope that I have prepared each for that. I hope that as they grow older that they are able to handle the challenges that life will throw at them with their head held high even when there are tears in their eyes.

I’m not sure how clear my thoughts truly are but I will simply close with this simple thought.

I love you mom

I love you Ty

I love you Brieanna

Each with the same fierceness yet each differently.