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Homemade Dog Food




Today was a cooking day in my house.  So many meals for the week are now prepared and ready to freeze for easy meals.  Of course we can’t leave the pooches out!  We have been rather lazy lately and just buying the wet food that we add to their dry.  They really don’t care, but I have read the ingredient list.  Not so healthy for my fur babies.  So since we were already tearing up the kitchen, why not get their food made too?   Here we go!


Homemade Wet Dog Food

3 lbs ground turkey

1.5 lbs each of sliced carrots and peas (I use frozen)

3 eggs

1 lb of chicken livers

Garlic powder or fresh garlic if you have it.  I have fresh garlic for a meal later this week so I used 5 pieces and used the garlic press to mash it up.   Fleas don’t like garlic.


Cook the livers in a little olive oil and water.  When done, run thru the food processor to a paste like texture and start browning the turkey.  Once the turkey is partially cooked add the livers and garlic and add enough water to cover the top and mash it up as well as you can.  A potato masher is handy for this.  Once cooked thru, scramble the eggs in a bowl and slowly add to the meat mixture while stirring constantly.  Next add the peas and carrots and again add enough water to cover the pan and let cook for about 10 minutes.   Scoop into 1 or2 cup containers and let cool.  I also added water to the pan once I had most of the food in containers and then swirled it in the pan to get all the bits together and added the water to each container.  The extra water really adds flavor to their bowls and my dogs will not eat their food unless there is some water in there to get the good flavor on all their food.  (Yes, my pets are my children)  Once cool, put in your freezer and take out the day before you are going to use it and put it in the fridge.  Now my pictures show pasta in there and that is because while making stuffed shells I found I had quite a few pieces of broken pasta that would have been thrown away if I hadn’t added it to the dog food.  It is not something I have ever done and probably wont do again unless a similar situation happens.   I ended up with 17 containers of good healthy food for my dogs.  I only add a tablespoon or so with their dry food so this will last us for months!



Any questions or ideas?  Let me know!  I would love to hear back from you guys!

DIY Ice Packs

I know I have mentioned in previous posts that I have a bum hand.  Part of the problem is tendinitis on the side of my hand between the thumb and wrist.  I have been trying many things over the last 2 years, physical therapy, cortisone injections, and even a cast for 2 miserable weeks!  Nothing has worked and now I am looking at surgery to open the sheath around the tendons to give them enough room and hopefully reduce the massive inflammation that has plagued me for 2+ years.  I have used ice packs constantly to try and reduce pain and inflammation and after awhile they tend to get a freezer bunt smell to them that I just don’t want to deal with.  I also do not want to waste money to buy new ones just because they are smelly.  As often as I use them, that is expensive!   Also, my surgery is going to be scheduled in the next week or so, so it seems this would be a good time to have plenty of ice packs on hand.  So on to Pinterest I go to see what can be done.  The most common recipe is as follows.


3 parts water

1 part rubbing alcohol

food coloring (optional)




I just want you to know…I cleaned off my kitchen table for you guys!  I have been trying failing miserably at this goal in my house.  Anyway, I gathered my ingredients and got to work.  I started with 3 cups of cold water (I know it is a little over 3, but it’s a hectic morning here and I choose my battles).  I then added 1 cup of rubbing alcohol.



Then comes the food coloring.  I used the food coloring simply to ensure if there was a leak, I would find it.   I recommend you use the drops and not gel.  It doesn’t dissolve well, but since it is all I had on hand, it was good enough!



After 2 hours I checked my little snack size baggies and found major leaks!  I transferred the smaller baggies into 2 quart size freezer zipper bags, double bagging each one.  

Next up, fill my snack size baggies leaving room for expansion when frozen.




Oh yeah, having a paper-towel on hand is a VERY good idea!  I only spilled a little but it could have been much worse!  Next I just stacked them in quart freezer bags and tossed them in the freezer.  I double bagged just in case one wasn’t totally sealed.  That would not be a mess I would want to clean up!


The next day…..



I have ice packs!  So happy to find this works.  It will be so much cheaper.  Have a great week!



Delicious Guacamole In Under 5 Minutes




Every Monday night my fiance unfortunately watches WWE Wrestling.  Most of the time one of his friends comes over to watch with him.  He is a great guy, and single so of course the mom in me wants to make sure he gets fed right.  Also, he is NOT picky like my fiance and loves to try my experiments.  I decided Taco Salad was on the menu for tonight.  While at the grocery store (because of course I had nothing in the house for taco salad), I saw avocados and remembered he loves my guacamole.  I found 2 kinda soft and decided that we had a new item on the menu!

This recipe really has no measurements because it all depends on how much you like.  I did measure out what I did last night but please add or reduce as you please.  You know what you like and that’s what counts.  🙂


This is what you need:

2 ripe avocados

Helmans Mayonnaise

Pace Chunky Salsa

Lime Juice


In a bowl mash your avocados with a fork, making them as creamy or chunky as you like.  I leave some decent size chunks because I LOVE the taste of avocado.   Add 1-1.5 TBS of Helmans Mayo and stir.  You want it to have a creamy texture but not have the mayo overpower the delicious avocado flavor.  I recommend you start out small with the mayo and add more if you need to.   It is difficult to remove too much mayo.  Next add in and mix 1/4 cup of your salsa. Add 1 tsp of lime juice to help prevent the guacamole from browning as fast as it tends to do.   Again this is just what I did.  If you like more, or less, by all means use what you want.   This is just what I used last night.   If you use a different brand of salsa and mayo that’s fine too.  Personally I will only use Helmans.   Anything else tastes awful to me.  The Pace Salsa was what happened to be on sale yesterday or I would have bought store brand.


This is so easy to make and really doesn’t take much effort.  Of course you can always pretend otherwise 🙂 .  This went over just as I expected.  Loved and enjoyed by everyone everyone except for my fiance who made questionable faces at it!

I really hope you try this and enjoy it.  It is so easy and oh so delicious.  ENJOY!!