Fussing about work

We almost all have to go. I regularly refer to it as hell I mean work ;). We all have similar complaints – my boss sucks; my coworkers suck; I hate my job; etc…. And yes I have those as well. I regularly talk to Lynn on my way into work (and vise versa) and our standard end tag line at the end of the call is ‘time to clock into hell.’ Yes we both hate our jobs 75% of the time. I think that’s why it’s called ‘work’ or a ‘job’ but there are things I like about my job as well.

1) my managers aren’t that bad. I understand that shit runs down hill and by the time it gets to my level it tends to be a bit runny. LOL

2) I like most of my coworkers ( most of the time) – there are even a couple I’m really really glad to have had the opportunity to meet and get to know. 🙂

3) yes I ‘work’ in retail. I get to see people in all their forms – the good, bad, ugly, and sometimes a little scary. 🙂 they are always interesting to watch and occasionally talk to.

4) (and yes I’m reaching a little on this one) I HAVE A JOB!! – I know so many people right now that don’t have one. It makes me grateful that I have some kind of income.

Until next time
Krista ❤

P.S. I promise that this blog won't be all lists LOL


Yes I know that this could be considered a few days late but not in my house. We will be celebrating Thanksgiving tomorrow. Working in retail means occasional rescheduling of some celebrations 😉 so tonight I’m getting the early stuff made. The stuffing is all put together – to be baked tomorrow and the apple pies are in the oven so I’m in a bit of a holding pattern for another 40 minutes. Give or take.

While I sit here waiting on the yummy smells to really start 😉 I’m thinking about what is truly important to me. Here is a short list……

1) my kids. They are the reason I breath. The reason I can get up out of bed and keep going. Yes I know that they are getting older and acquiring their own lives but I still see them as my babies. ❤

2) Mr. Picky. Yes I call my boyfriend that. And yes to his face. LOL. I love him almost as much as my kids even when we don't agree. 😉

3) My 4 legged kids. 2 puppies, 3 cats. 1 grand-puppy. They are my snugly babies (AKA my living blanket)

4) Other family and friends.

5) The roof over my head. There are so many who don't have one.

So there is my basic list….. I hope that you have a list that is at least as long and longer.


A Little About Me

Hi y’all! For my first post I thought I’d introduce myself. 🙂 First I’m the Krista half of this little endeavor into blogging. Lynn will be along soon I’m sure 😉
I grew up in Massachusetts but have lived most of my adult life in Illinois. I MISS the water (and no the rivers don’t count). I miss standing on the beach and looking at nothing but blue, the delicious salty smell, and even the annoying itch after swimming that the ocean is. Don’t misunderstand me if I didn’t live the life I’ve lived I wouldn’t have what I have and I wouldn’t trade them for all the water in the ocean! What I have is two smart, funny, healthy kids; a boyfriend that I love; and my own little zoo (3 dogs [puppies actually],3 cats, a bearded dragon, and my roommate’s parrot). Yes my house is crazy and I love it!
So I’ll start with that. 🙂

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