Story prompts

So I picked up a book to help me start write. I’m going to try and do at least 3 prompts a week…maybe I’ll start a new one or maybe I’ll work on an old one (once I get a little further in lol). So here goes. first prompt…

They followed her for nine hours by following the blood on the snow…

They tracked her for nine hours by following the blood on the snow…. That’s what they said. But they hadn’t found her. Not yet. Now the storm had kicked up again.

He stood at the window watching the fury of the blizzard outside. Sue…missing now for 11 hours. Sue with her quick loving smile. Sue with the sweet blue eyes. Tears filled his eyes as dread filled his heart. She was…is the love of his life. He’d finally convinced her to agree to become his wife.

They found her car at noon, that’s what they said when they’d called at four. Slid off the road for god only know how long. The trail of blood had led them north, then it just ended. she was nowhere to be found; no more blood and there never was a foot print, the snow had been too hard for her slight frame to break through the top layer of crust. Now after a month of somewhat mild weather, fresh storm had rolled in. This one was the worst they’d seen this season.

Would he ever see her again?

She had been out for a quick errand; the roads had been clear…that was until she hit that spot of black ice. Tom wasn’t due home until Friday and it was only Tuesday…wasn’t it? That’s when she ran to the store at least. Gods she wasn’t even sure where she was at this point. Her side was still bleeding where the glass had cut her but it had let up…as long as she didn’t move too much. At least she had found a bit of shelter in the cave. The storm was just kicking up. It was so cold.

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